Monday, June 29, 2009

Flooded Basement

or at least that's what I told my boss. I just couldn't deal with work today. I woke up late (typical) and layed around for a while trying to come up with an excuse as to why I was late. The best I could come up with was that my basement was flooded and I was waiting for Big Papa to come home. The attitude my boss gave me prompted me to declare a mental health day.

So now I have an entire day with no children, no Big Papa, and no work. I certainly have lots to do to fill my time though. Will I fill it productively? So far I have done a lot of work on an upcoming wedding I am the event planner for (small side business, more on that later), opened a much needed bank account, and um, ate lunch.

I feel like I fail myself and it drives me crazy. I have all sorts of goals that I can never seem to reach and the pissa of the whole matter is that they are really the same handful of goals. So why can't I just set a reasonable plan and attack it? I am lazy, I am weak, I enjoy misery (not sure whether to put a period or question mark here)....

Let's - for the millionth time - list them.

1. Lose weight/get in shape - yes I know almost everyone says this, but I seriously need to do it. I am just completely unhappy with myself and I think that it affects so many other parts of my life. My confidence sucks, and I think I could cruise along life a lot better with more confidence. I just love food and am lazy. Anyhow, I digress.

2. Create and maintain a reasonable schedule - This is so stupid. I go to bed too late, sleep way too late. Don't have good healthy habits and just need to decide to do it.

3. Get a hold of our finances - way to complicated to dive into right now (lazy much???)

4. Organization! - Sort of along the same lines as number 2 but further involved.

5 Be more artsy - I love to be artsy, this blog is a good start but there are more needs!

Ok I am too distracted to complete this post now, but I'll finish later.

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